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Kendra Scott in Brookfield, Wisconsin + My First Color Bar Party!

A Kendra Scott store finally made it’s way to Wisconsin! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that this is my favorite jewelry brand! Her pieces are beautiful, yet affordable, and classy but also have a trendy twist. As soon as I heard that a Kendra Scott store would be opening in Brookfield, Wisconsin (in the new Corners of Brookfield Shopping Center), I was so excited! 

Just to warn you, this is a large photo diary post. I believe I have about 20+ pictures. I mean, how can I cut it down when the new store is so gorgeous, I had a blast with friends and family at my party, AND I got to meet Kendra Scott, herself!? =) (Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for a great discount opportunity!!)

So, without further ado… 

The exterior of Kendra Scott Brookfield, Wisconsin (The Corners of Brookfield)

The day of my first Color Bar Party!! (Friday, April 7th)

Outfit Details:

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The cutest Save the Date for my first Kendra Scott Color Bar Party!

How stunning is this store? Apparently, Kendra designs the stores so they mimic the colors and light fixtures of her own home. You can see the new Kendra Scott Summer Collection up front! The bronze veined turquoise is stunning!

The back of the store boasts the fun Kendra Scott Color Bar where you can design your own jewelry on the touch screen (to the right) and then actually create the piece on the workstation to take home immediately! =) I share the piece I created further down in this post!

Some more pretty Kendra Scott Summer Collection pieces in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal.

Definitely felt giddy seeing the logo on the wall! I’ve only been able to purchase her pieces online or at Nordstrom before this store officially opened!

The delicious sips and sweets that the ladies put together for us!

Lindsey and Hannah creating a Louise necklace from the Color Bar! Lindsey was trying out a unique “ombre” effect with the stones!

Jessica created a gorgeous gunmetal and druzy necklace at the Color Bar!

The Louise necklace was by far the most popular silhouette at my party. Both my mom and I designed one and took one home! This is my mom’s. She used the turquoise and dichroic (iridescent) glass stones. For mine, I used the dichroic glass & white mother of pearl stones. (Shown later in this post).

Had a blast with these wonderful people! (I wish I would have been able to get pictures with everyone that attended that night!) |  Top Left: Me and Andrea  |  Top Right: Lindsey, Me, Hannah  ///  Bottom Left: Jill, Megan, Me, Erica  | Bottom Left: Kendra Scott, her son, Grey, and me 

Me and my mom! πŸ™‚  (I’m wearing Renee Earrings in Gold // Lucy Necklace in Gold. Mom is wearing Sophee earrings in Silver)


The Newest Kendra Scott Pieces I Brought Home! 

My pups, Sophie (left) and Ollie (right), wanted to join in on my pictures! =)

I was given this gorgeous gold metal & gold druzy (so rare!) Naomi 3-finger ring from the lovely Kendra Scott – Brookfield ladies for hosting my Color Bar party! 

I also picked up the super classic Carla earrings in Crystal (they have a gorgeous iridescent glimmer in the light!) and created this stunning Louise necklace with dichroic glass & white mother of pearl! Because of the iridescent dichroic glass, this necklace enhances so many outfits! When you wear pink, the glass stones pick up the pink; when you wear green, it picks up green; and as you can see, while wearing blue the stones look more blue! It’s going to be great for spring, summer, and winter!!


Meeting Kendra Scott!

For the past three years or so, my jewelry collection has become almost entirely compromised of Kendra Scott pieces! I didn’t do this consciously, I’ve just been so drawn to her jewelry that I don’t actively seek out other brands. (That and they have good email marketing! haha) With that being said, I found that with time, I’ve gotten to know more about Kendra Scott, herself. Since being an entrepreneur at the young age of 19, Kendra has now grown her jewelry empire to a valuation of $1 Billion. But that isn’t the only impressive fact. Kendra makes sure that she treats the community and her employees like her own family. Not only does her workforce (made up of mostly women) enjoy a flexible work schedule, Kendra has trained her employees to never say “no” with the “Sister Rule.” Basically, if your sister came into the store with an inquiry or issue, how would you treat her? You’d most likely do anything you can to make her happy. And that’s how Kendra Scott treats their customers.

The brand is extremely involved in local charities and events. Every store immerses themselves into the local community as soon as they open their doors and find out what causes the community cares about most. In this way, each store feels very personal, not like typical large retail chains. Not to mention the ladies that run the store are fabulous! (Of course, I’m speaking of the Brookfield store ladies!)

Needless to say, Kendra has built quite an amazing business. (Listen to her podcast on NPR’s How I Built This to learn about her entire story!) Being a (smaller) entrepreneur myself (my Etsy shop here, Instagram here, and you’re already reading my blog!:) ), Kendra has been on my list of role models. So when Megan, the Events Manager at Kendra Scott – Brookfield, asked if I’d like to meet her – I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

[Pieces on me: White Midi Dress, Necklace, Y-Necklace (sold out), Earrings, Bracelet, Ring // Pieces on Kendra: Bracelets, Earrings, Necklace in Ivory Mother of Pearl / Gold]

I’ve heard that sometimes when you meet your role models, you are disappointed. They don’t live up to everything you’ve heard about them or how they portray themselves. Well, Kendra Scott definitely didn’t fall into that category! She’s just as down-to-earth, extremely sweet, passionate and well-spoken about her brand as I thought she would be. In fact, even MORE than I thought she would be!

My husband and I chatted with her for about 30-45 min and she introduced us to her husband and three sons, all of whom were genuinely happy to meet us. Her youngest, Grey (shown in the photo much higher in this post), thinks that his mommy designs EVERY single piece of jewelry that anyone wears. How adorable is that? “Mommy = jewelry.” =)

Kendra shared her inspiration for different collections (many based on her travels and even the pieces from her early years), her design process (they start with an overall theme and then work on each individual piece), she confirmed that she still puts family first and makes sure she (and her staff) are able to leave early enough in the day to pick up their children from school, that she makes sure to use REAL gemstones in her pieces (as she doesn’t like that some brands use plastic), and told us a neat fact that her adjustable designs were actually meant to solve the problem of her Grandmother not being able to easily reach/use a clasp behind her head! It just so happened that the solution to her Grandmother’s problem led to an amazing design with the ability to adjust necklaces from choker, to long length, to regular! I thought that was so cute!

I was so pleased to meet one of my role models! Her genuine character and gratefulness to me for supporting her brand was truly well-received.  After thanking each other for the chat and giving hugs, her parting words [pointing to my jewlery] were: “You’ve styled this collection SO well, Amanda!! Now we just need to get you into some Summer Collection pieces!” πŸ˜‰  No worries, there, my friends! I’ll be styling some new pieces in no time! πŸ™‚ 


Some of my favorite Kendra Scott pieces:

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More Kendra Scott Events to Come! 

Please keep a look out for more events to come hosted by yours truly! πŸ™‚  In a couple months, I’ll be looking to work with Kendra Scott – Brookfield on a Kendra Gives Back Event, where you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase and an additional 10% of all purchases go to a charity of my choice! What a great way to help the community while adding some pretty jewels to your collection! 

Feel free to email me to get on the guest list! 

For now, head on over to your local Kendra Scott store or www.KendraScott.com to shop some fabulous pieces! 

Last but not least, I have a good amount of 15% off coupon codes that you can use online or in-store! Email, comment, or message me to get one! They expire April 28, 2017. 

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    That is so awesome that you got to meet Kendra Scott! I am so jealous! I love her jewelry and have started getting more and more pieces from her line! I love the 3-finger ring you took home that day too! & I love your style! πŸ™‚

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